Nazar Necklace with Statement Pendant – 1 of a kind statement ethnic Gemstone neckpiece


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*ONE OF A KIND* Nazar Necklace with Statement Pendant

The Nazar Boncuk charm (or Turkish Eye Bead) is an “eye”, often set on a blue background. It stares back at the world to ward off evil eye and keep you safe from harm. Since then the people have been attaching this Turkish evil eye bead to everything they wished to protect from the evil eyes. Talismans or amulets were created to protect against the evil energies and gained popularity as “Nazar” jewelry in the early times.

When i laid my hands on this gorgeous 4 inch Turkish pendant designed like an evil eye with a lapis engraved I knew I had to make something gorgeous out of it…and thus came this masterpiece…

The stringing has several evil eye beads interspersed amongst smaller nazar seedbeeds to create a beautiful blue ensemble of a neckpiece…it’s a v easy piece to dress and why not if u can carry some spirituality with style, what’s a better combo than that ???????

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