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Founder of the immensely successful Tata Group, India’s first conglomerate company, and the man who established Jamshedpur, Jamsetji Tata has changed the face of business in the country. His contribution to the cotton and iron industries helped strengthen India’s economy. He even established the Taj Mahal Hotel in Colaba, Mumbai. The great Jamsetji Tata’s inspirational story from humble beginnings as the son of a priest to becoming the ‘Father of Indian Industry’ is an inspiration to us all. Read about the industrialist’s life and legacy in this book.

This product contains reading material as well as 5 interactive activities (3 inside the book and 2 additional sheets) and requires a child’s active participation. We’d love for your child to feel a deep connection with our books and to hold them dear.

Ages – 3 years and above

Pages – 30, with two additional activity sheets

Ships Free in the USA

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