Customized Wooden Keychains/ Charms


Sold by: OTB Handmade Crafts

There’s just something about February that’s got butterflies flying about in all our stomachs!

With the romantic settings and the colour red all around us, it makes us feel so happy to love and be loved!

So be it your VALentine or your GALentine, love and fun are just complimentary with the date (pun intended)!

To make it a special yet memorable one, OTB Crafts has curated a handmade, sustainable and completely personalised gifts collection!

Celebrate the bond of love, with your GALs or your lil ones, or show your appreciation and respect for your parents and teachers with this personalized collection of 2021!!

The special wood & metal charms will definitely add the spark you need to ignite your day!! And the hearts (wooden chips) can be in whatever colour you think represents your relationship (because we think that’s really quite cool), so choose wisely!

After all, It’s a V(onderful) Day to send lovely gifts!

Please specify your choice- Keychain or Mobile phone charm.


Text for small heart- Max 15 characters
Text for big heart – Max 35 characters

Please specify your choice between- keychain & mobile charm.

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