1. In your Dashboard, click on the Product Tab
  2. Click on ‘Add New Product’
  3. Add the initial product details and click Create Product


TITLE – This is the name of the product. Make sure to include keywords that people would search for eg: Necklace or Book


 Simple: Simple product, no variations

 Variable: Variations like color, size, language are part of the product. Please note that each variation will need complete descriptions & prices for product to be approved.

 Group: Group of products simple or variable products that you have already created. Eg: A Gift Box of many of your products

 Downloadable: This is for downloadable products like an art file etc

 Virtual: Intangible products that don’t need to be shipped, eg a Zoom workshop

CATEGORY: Choose 1 – 2 categories for your product

TAGS: This is for internal purposes only and not like hashtags. Please use as many from the dropdown

PHOTO: Upload 1 main photograph and up to 5 other photographs. Ideally all products need to be of the same dimensions and in vertical format.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Enter 2-3 lines that best describe the product

DESCRIPTION: Describe the product in detail. Make sure to enter all the product facts, various uses, care information, material, ingredients, cautions, disclaimers etc


 SKU – Add a SKU as number or alphanumeric. This is to ensure you know exactly which product has been ordered, especially if you run multiple online or offline channels

 Enable Product Management – Check this if you want to maintain stock count and set up a low stock notification. You can also allow backorders in case you run out of stock and can fulfill in the near future.

 Allow only one product – Check this if only one unit of this product can be purchased at a time


 These are add-ons to your product, like Gift Wrapping, 


Make sure shipping required is selected if this product will be shipped. If not, the product shipping cost will not be charged during the checkout.

Then add all the product information and select your Shipping Method

Please make sure to send your tax rate to deepika@kulavillage.com and select your business name in your Tax Class

LINKED PRODUCTS: Please ignore this


This is important if it is a variable product. Please make sure to add attribute (eg Color, Size, Language etc)

Once Attributes are saved, you can add variations (eg: Black, Blue, White, Small, Medium, Large, Tamil, Hindi etc)

Please enter all details for each attribute. Choose photo for each attribute 


Please enter any bulk discounts that you would like to offer


Enter Purchase Note like care options, shipping information etc