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Finding Indian Classical Dance Costume & Jewelry in USA can be extremely difficult. We curate great quality durable dance costume and jewelry that ships all across the US.

Indian Classical Dance is an important part of the rich cultural heritage of India. The dances are unique and unmatched in their grace and ability to tell stories through bodily movements. An Indian dance performance, irrespective of the origin is always a fascinating and colorful affair, showing a perfect amalgamation of music, dance, story-telling and costumes. The Indian classical dance costumes make for crucial part of any performance and every different dance form has a different type of Indian dance costume complementing the dance performance. Though there are many different types of dances in every region of India, there are 8 recognized as formal classical dances which are defined by a rigid set of rules in terms of the dance itself and the over-all requirements for performance (mainly the costume and styling). Kathak and Bharatanatyam are the two most popular forms of Indian classical dance. These have gained not just a pan-Indian but also an international audience; today, they are taught and practiced in India and around the world. The Indian dance outfits for each of these are quite different, because both of these dances have a very different cultural and regional affiliation.
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