10 easy tips to inculcate love for art in kids

Blog post on 10 easy tips to inculcate love for Art in Kids

“Every child is an artist” – Pablo Picasso 

A childhood that is rich in artistic and cultural activities is an important key to making sure that children have a strong foundation for developing positive attitudes and strong values. From appreciating various colors, using different strokes, and learning to recognize patterns – art has a lot to teach young kids. And this attitude can be nurtured as they grow older.

This post covers our 10 easy tips to inculcate love for art in kids

Along with at home learning, visits to  museums, exhibits, field trips and performances, sampling different food – all of this exposes children not only to ‘how different people live’ but also to new ways of thinking.

When was the last time you noticed an unknown motif on a piece of clothing, a colorful tribal pattern, or some architecture that caught your eye? Kids do as they see. The more they see us engaging with art around us, the more they will do the same.

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Kids are masters of the moment—they live for the moment, don’t you think? And when they are doing art, they love the way it feels – smearing paint, crumpling paper or how it looks when they sprinkle glitter, and even the sound of a crayon or brush on paper. They aren’t self-conscious about what they’re doing or focused on creating a finished product. They just enjoy the process. Fostering creativity helps the child develop mentally, socially, and emotionally. Creating art may boost young children’s ability to analyse, problem-solve, hone their fine motor skills and helps boost self-confidence.

So How can we inspire creativity and love for art in Kids?

10 easy tips to inculcate love for art in kids

1. Allow kids to make a mess

Honestly, it is a lot more work for parents but messy play is the most fun for kids. And you will be surprised how much they learn  by getting down and dirty. At the end of the day, it is fun!

10 easy tips to inculcate love for art in kids - allow messy play

2. Allow time for regular unstructured messy play

Regularly give them time and space for unstructured messy play. Allocate space and time for unstructured play. This could be the patio, front yard or even a bath tub. Give young kids a chance to have unstructured messy play where they can explore different colors and textures – this sensory play helps them in activating the part of their brain that allows imagination to grow. 

3. Start them young

If you think you would like to wait till they are of an age where they understand how things work, think again. There is no right age to start learning about art. Board books and picture books are a great way to initiate babies into the world of art. Provide different materials to give young babies an opportunity to explore their senses.  

4. Lead them to engage with the world10 easy tips to inculcate love for art in kids - storytelling

As they grow older, involve them in what you see around you – Colors, shapes, patterns, it is all inclusive. As parents, we must be vocal about what we are seeing. 

This is a case of Monkey see, monkey do. When kids notice parents observing the shapes of clouds, it allows them to think that it is possible to think of clouds in shapes. 

5. Storytelling

Storytelling through art is a great way to get kids excited. This is where other family members or friends can come in. Along with parents, let kids get excited to hear stories from grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members.

6. Don’t keep prompting

Don’t draw with your child. Avoid giving suggestions, commands, additions or changes, ideas and direction. 

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7. Let them lead

Let their creativity flow. Let them decide how and what they want to do. Show them a direction and let them choose the path.

8. Give precise feedback

10 easy tips to inculcate love for art in kids - don't wait for art class

When giving feedback, be precise. Point out the lines that they’ve drawn well, or the use of different colors, or even the mess they have created. This will help channelize their thoughts and think about what they may have subconsciously done. This boosts their morale and challenges them to keep going. Vague and generic feedback like ‘great job’ does nothing much than validates that anything they do garners the same feedback.

9. Don’t just wait for art class

Don’t save it just for ‘Art Class’. even if kids don’t put pen to paper, encourage to observe and be involved in the beauty of their surroundings.

10. Easy Games

Use easy games that will allow their imagination to expand. Make easy home DIY games that will allow their creativity to shine. You can go with preschoolers on easy scavenger hunts around the block and allow them to learn from nature.

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We hope our post on 10 easy tips to inculcate love for art in kids was useful to you. Tell us some of the ways you try to get your kids excited about art. 

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