Father’s Day – Movies to watch and activities with Dad

A salute to all our fathers 

Dad is daughters first love and sons first hero. As kids, we want to do everything to make Fathers day special for our dads. Snuggling with your dad no matter what your age is the best thing to ever do. Sleeping with our head on his lap while he caresses our head is the best feeling in the world. Just giving him a head massage/ oil massage while making funny hairstyles are the best moments I remember as a child. Dads play different roles in different phases of our lives. friend, guardian, financial provider, listener, life mentor, but a guiding light always. He is the only person who wants to see their kids grow and succeed more than he ever did. He teaches us to face our fears and believe in us. He teaches us to value and stand for ourselves. We know that he will always protect us and has our back . He is a strong pillar of strength and we can count on him always.

In today’s  busy world we don’t take the time to sit and talk to our families. But the Pandemic has brought us closer and taught us to cherish every moment and make it beautiful and memorable. Just a hug to our dads and (Chai pe charcha) long conversation will make Fathers day special. Whether in person or on a video call , dads just want to see their kids happy faces. 

Other then that we could also do some fun, cool things with them like watch a movie. We have listed some beautiful movies for all ages that you could watch sitting on a couch with gobbling an ice cream maybe!!!

Movies to watch with your Dad this weekend

  1. Angrezi Medium – Love of a father to fulfil his daughters dream to study in a college abroad. Whatever it takes , her father is determined to see his daughter smile and succeed.
  2. Piku – Father Daughter love – Daughter is irritated with his fathers eccentric behavior but she loves him so much that she goes through all odds to make his fathers wish come true.
  3. Dangal –  Real Life story – To what extent a father can go to help and see his daughters succeed and achieve, even if that means tough love.
  4. Mrs. Doubtfire – Father disguising as a Nanny to spend more time with his child. Exceptional comedy to make you and your dad smile.
  5. Father of the Bride – It showcases how difficult it is for a father to let her little girl go with the love of her life . This movies is a must watch for any father and daughter duo. 
  6. Mama -Mia –  A classic Musical movie of a girl wanting to know who her biological father is before she weds. A cute fun-loving movie for all ages.
  7. Pursuit of Happiness –  Heartwarming movie about how a single father, goes through so much difficulties in life even till the extent of been evicted for his apartment has just one motto a smile on his sons face.
  8. Lion King – A father wants to see his son to be his successor to the throne. But his father passes away and his son faces a lot of obstacles to fulfil his dads last wish to become the king of the jungle.
  9. Finding Nemo – When a Fish is taken by the scuba divers, there is nothing a Father fish does not do to get his Nemo back.
  10. All the princess movies that show a bond with their fathers.

Check out these awesome videos and don’t forget to say a Thankyou to your Dads for everything they have done and continue to do for us.





‘A book is a gift you can open again and again’- Garrison Keillor . 

Let’s celebrate by gifting our dads some great books and also reading with them. Joy of giving is not limited to books alone. We can give them some beautiful but funny quotes coffee mugs and  T-shirts and of course chocolates, its never a miss. Check out our entire collection here.


Activities for kids on Fathers Day

  1. Find abbreviations for the letters in the word Father or for Fathers Name. and write an essay.


F – Faithfulness

A – Affection

T – talented /take charge

H – Happy

E – Excited/Enthusiastic

R – Radiant / Rational


2. Dance, Exercise, Swim or run together

4. Gardening with Dad

5. Nothing like a photoshoot or selfies with your Father 

6. Make a card, write a poem or letter to their dad or sing a song

7. Fireless cooking for young kids n for older kids cooking special dads dish with moms supervision or Baking a cake 

Hope these ideas are helpful to you. Do drop in comments or connect with us on Instagram & Facebook – let us know what you did!


This article is written by Bhakti Jagani, a Kula Village team member.

Bhakti Jagani
Author: Bhakti Jagani

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