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Deepika Pillai

I’m currently learning my 6th language and can understand at least 10!

Having lived across India and in 4 countries, I have always found joy in exploring unique places and have been eager to learn how distinct each of us are. My closest friends & colleagues have been from strikingly diverse backgrounds. What has always amazed me is how we all are different, but all still the same. Wherever I went, the sociology of the place and the contrasting environments fascinated me. 

After a global career in sales & marketing, I now share my passion for travel & parenting through my blog at Deexterous. Now as a mom of two young kids, the responsibility of parenting in a foreign land with a vivid sociological mix poses a constant challenge. It is a perpetual thought to ensure that the kids not only  seamlessly integrate into the place they reside in, but also remain aware and proud of where their roots lie. And this is how my third baby, Kula Village was born.

Other than traveling, hustling at home and at the home office, I love to dance!


Kids Language Learning | Ethnic Clothing | Diverse Food | Cultural Jewelry | Unique Home Decor | Hand-crafted Chocolate | Multicultural Gifts | Diverse Books

Kula village is a one-stop shop that curates all-inclusive multicultural and world heritage products. We would like to arouse a sense of connection with your roots and help you embrace world cultures.  To achieve this holistic environment, we partner with entrepreneurs who share our vision of creating this seamless and boundless community. 

We also develop rich content showcasing global cultures through expert interviews, blogs, vlogs and other media. We are an eclectic global village; a melting pot of diverse cultures. And we hope to make you curious about the world while finding harmony with yourself.


Kula Village logo depicting diversity and multiculturalism

Kula means ‘community’ in Sanskrit. Kula is the name of some tribes in Africa and also the name of a few villages across Europe. And Kula also means ‘exchanging gifts’ in some pacific communities. Such a global word with different interpretations – we aim to build a community that lives up to its name.


Huts at Kula Village

A long time ago, in this galaxy we call home, we lived as one big clan, an extended family who looked out for one another. Times have changed now. We live in a world where the bonhomie of being a global citizen is what defines the modern society. We may either feel extremely attached to our heritage or may feel adventitious. How do we strike a balance? How do we not only be in harmony with our own roots, but also merge into a multi-cultural palette to create that beautiful painting?

The answer lies in each of us. We need to tap into our innate human nature of unconditional love and mutual respect, and explore the world with fresh eyes, much like babies and young kids do. Let us relish living in a curious and accepting world.


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We are an all-embracing, vibrant community where everyone is welcome and everyone can feel at home.

Kula is a verb and an emotion.

What does ‘Kula’ mean to you?