10 Fusion Mango recipes you should try this summer (+1 bonus)

If you are looking for unique recipes using Mango, look no further. From Mango Mousse to a simple Mango Dal. Read till the end for a bonus recipe!
Here are some of the best Mango recipes that are perfect for the season using simple ingredients.

Let’s get started!

    1. 1. Green Manga Curry – Padma Lakshmi

  1. Starting off with this super simple recipe by Padma Lakshmi. Enjoy it with her favorite Thayir Sadam (Curd Rice) or just as is!
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    Link to Green Manga Curry recipe

2. Mango Mastani – Anushusfoododyssey

Next up is this delicious Pune style Mango Mastani. I grew up in Pune and have devoured the Mastani every single summer! Do try this at home

Link to Pune Style Mango Mastani recipe


3. Mango Cheese Cake – Ministry of Curry


This is the cheesecake of your dreams. This is hands down the Best Instant Pot Cheesecake recipe with the not-so-secret ingredient: Mango. Enjoy this hassle-free recipe perfect for the next brunch you are hosting.


4. Chocolate Mango Mousse – Pepper Delight


White Chocolate Mango Mousse

A “less effort dessert” is always a life saver, especially when you are cooking for a big party. And this mousse seems to be a perfect fit! 

Link to White Chocolate Mango Mousse Recipe

5. Mango Milk – Love Laugh Mirch

Easy, simple and quick Mango Milk by Nisha of Love Laugh Mirch.

Link to a simply delicious Mango Milk recipe:


  • 6. Corn & Mango Bhel – The Chutney Life

Link to Corn & Mango Bhel Recipe by The Chutney Life

7. Mango Dal – Piping Pot curry

For a quick mid-week meal, incorporate Mango and even some Spinach in your next Dal or lentil soup for a fun twist in your regular Dal. Not so Aam any more, that Dal.

Link to Mango Dal recipe 


8. Mango Iced Tea – Cooking with Siddhi

You must try this delicious Mango Iced Tea recipe by Cooking with Siddhi. It will elevate your next Brunch or pool party this summer.

Mangalyam – Black Tea, Marigold & Lavender Blend | The Chai Bar

Link to Mango Iced Tea recipe

9. Aam Doi – My Masala Box – Original recipe by Not out of the Box

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This baked Mango Yoghurt is a great pairing of Mango and Yoghurt. The original recipe can be found on Chandrima’s Blog Not Out of the Box

Link to Aam Doi – Mango Yoghurt recipe

10. Mango Fajeto – Whisk Affair

This recipe combines the sweet taste of mangoes with the tanginess of the kadhi to make a pure delightful dish. For summer parties, you could easily prepare fajeto and serve it to your guests to bring in some variety on the table.

Link to Mango Kadhi recipe/ Mango Fajeto Recipe

11. Bonus – Mango Coconut Rice and Cooking Sauce

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Try this simple recipe – Mango Coconut Rice and Cooking Sauce

Mango Coconut Rice and Cooking Sauce South Indian Food Delicious Recipe by Sambar Kitchen

All you need is rice and this cooking Sauce by Sambar Kitchen that is perfect for your meal prep. Do try this at home.

Do you have any other interesting Mango recipes to share? Drop them in comments below.


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